Capability Features Drivers Appreciate in the New Jeep Wrangler

The new Jeep Wrangler is the compact SUV that has been getting a lot of driver attention these days. These capability features will have you blazing new trails in no time.

One area that was improved upon this year with the Wrangler was ground clearance. The higher your SUV, the less trouble you are going to experience on the trails. Not only is the suspension higher, all those moving parts are better protected from things like heavy brush when driving off-road.

There will be times you need to get your new Jeep Wrangler through some water hazards off-road. This is not an issue for the Wrangler, thanks in part to the air intake being better positioned at a higher level, as well as the electrical connections and components being better sealed against moisture from causing the engine to stall.

Test drive the new Jeep Wrangler at Spirit Chrysler Dodge & Jeep to see these features in action.




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